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AGM Agenda for 17 June 2016

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Agenda for Annual General Meeting

Friday 17th June 6.30 – 7.30

Byron Services Club

Please note: that Dawn Ashdown, Tim Gotterson and Lyn McCormick will stand down as directors of the Board before the elections. The Constitution requires that 2 members stand down two years after being elected. They may nominate again. Dawn Ashdown is nominating again. Please note: that there have been two nominations submitted by the due date, 20th June 2016. These are Kathy Heathcote and Duane Kitamura.




Apologies: Alvin Caoyonan



  1. Acceptances of minutes of last AGM
  2. Consideration of accounts
  3. Report from the Board
  4. Election of Directors


Motions on Notice:

  1. That the statement of accounts of the Board is accepted
  2. As there are 4 vacancies on the Board: That Dawn Ashdown, Kathy Heathcote and Duane Kitamura are endorsed as members of the Board for the 2016-17


That concludes the business of this meeting.


Stay on for shared supper.

BBBA Annual General Meeting June 17, 2016 6pm

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Byron Beez Basketball Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting

17th June 2016 at Byron Services Club 6.30 – 7.30
Light refreshments available after the meeting


2016 Nominations for Directors Form download (.docx 150kb)

Dear Members,

Thank you to everyone involved in making the BBBA a successful and enthusiastic association. We thank the players, the coaches, the referees, and the parents who bring their children and young people regularly to the events organised by BBBA. We thank you wholeheartedly for your enthusiasm and volunteer work for Byron Beez Basketball Association. As always we thank the members who have continued on or joined the committees. The committees are settling into the role descriptions and tasks and are developing pathways of communication with other committees, developing new directions or taken steps to address old issues.

Policies, procedures, revised codes of conduct; committee definition and budgets as well as an overall strategic plan have been completed and worked with by committee and Board members for over a year. This past year has been another big year of hard, productive and continuous work.

Now it is time for us to meet as members of the BBBA to conduct the Annual General Meeting. According to the current BBBA Constitution notice of the meeting needs to be given at least 21 days in advance.

The AGM will be held on the 17th June at Byron Services Club between 6.30 – 7.30

The agenda:

Election of Board Members
Adoption of financial report
Adoption of Board report

Nomination for Board
• Nominations for elected Director positions shall be called for at least 35 days prior to the AGM.

An interest or expertise in:

* strategic directions for development and marketing,
* administration
* grant applications
*working with Shire Councils or public
* Business Leadership
* Strategic Planning
* Income Generation
* Legal and Risk Management/ Mediation
*Website Development. Be a Board member while also being a Player, Referee or Coach from Representative, Junior and Senior Committees or simply an interested member or community member.

Please note: Nominees for elected Director positions must declare any position they hold in NSO or BNSW; Elected Directors cannot be bankrupt.

* A commitment to a Board meeting every month (sometimes every 2 months) is required as well as an intention to familiarize oneself with the BBBA Constitution, Vision, Mission and other supporting documents and codes of conduct. Nominees do not need to be members of BBBA.

Nominations must be:
* In writing
* On the prescribed form provided for that purpose, (see Nomination Form on website)
* Signed by two Individual Members,
* Certified by the nominee (who must become a Member within 60 days of being elected) expressing his/her willingness to accept the position for which he/she is nominated,

* Delivered to the Association at least 25 days before the date fixed for the AGM i.e. by the 20th May 2016

A list of the candidates names in alphabetical order with the proposers names shall be posted on the website at least 7 days immediately preceding the AGM.

Notices of Motion
Members entitled to vote may submit notices of motion for inclusion as special business at an AGM. All notices of motion must be submitted in writing to the Association no less than twenty five (25) days prior to the AGM (excluding receiving date and meeting date) i.e. by the 20th May 2016.

The prescribed nomination form is posted on the BBBA website. To be emailed to or handed to any member of the Board as listed at the end of this letter.

The current BBBA Constitution is posted on the website along with the Vision, Mission and other supporting documents. The Board’s code of conduct for finances and governance is also posted on the website.

All documents pertaining to the BBBA AGM including the agenda will be posted on the website at least 21 days before the meeting.

We look forward to your attendance at this meeting. The meeting will close at the appointed time and a light supper will be available.

If after consulting the website you still have questions of clarity regarding these matters, please email

Lyn McCormick

Yours sincerely,
Lyn McCormick
On behalf of the Board of Directors

Stephen Eakin
Dawn Ashdown
Tim Gotterson
Lyn McCormick
Alvin Caoyonan


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Please note that a duty referee will referee with a qualified referee.

This coming week there will be a muster on Tuesday 26th April 6-7.30 pm, for the A-men’s and Women’s comp, and Thursday 28th April for the B-men’s comp.

Game fees are set at $135 per person for the season. The reduction in cost this season is due to the introduction of duty referees. Team nominations will only be accepted with a duty referee from the team listed on the form.  The duty referee will referee with a qualified referee.

Duty referees will be required to referee in their own division and only when their team is rostered for duty. Training and coaching will be provided.
The muster on Tuesday night will be at the stadium from 6-7.30pm and the nomination forms can be handed in to a committee member – Paula Daniels, Amy McClendon, Olivia Howard, Amy Best, Jenny Ogle, Duane Kitamura – or emailed to before COB Friday 29th April.

The muster will also include a showcase game of the Byron Women’s comp winners VS Ballina Women’s comp winners.

Games will commence from the 3rd May, once we have all the team nominations to complete the draw. Payments for game fees will be collected in the first three weeks of competition – from the 24th May it will be NO pay NO play.

All teams must have matching singlets with numbers on the front and the back. This is important for the referees.  Penalties will be enforced if this is not the case (loss of competition points), there will be an allowance at the beginning of the season.

Duty for teams consists of two people doing the bench and one person refereeing. Loss of 3 points will be enforced if there are not three members present.

FORFEITS MUST BE IN BY 12PM on the day of competition. This must be text or called through to Duane Kitamura on 0466 332 006. A loss of 3 competition points will be given if the forfeit is after this time (as this costs the association).

Beginner Referee Course

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BEGINNER REFEREE COURSE Venue: Byron Bay Basketball Association

Cavanbah Centre , 249 Ewingsdale Rd Byron Bay Dates: 16/04/2016

Time: 9:30am-12:00pm
Cost: $30.00 Per Person (Includes Whistle and Rule

Presenter: Debbie Keirs


  • 12 Years and Over
  • Currently registered with BNSW


Conflict Workshop

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WORKSHOP – CONFILCT Venue: Byron Bay Services Club

132 Jonson St, Byron Bay Dates: 15/04/16

Time: 7:45pm to 9:30pm Cost: FREE
Presenter: Debbie Keirs


• AGE18+
• Currently registered with BNSW