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2017 Junior Girls & Boys Rep Trials

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To all Junior Beez Ballers:
Byron Bay Basketball Association is underway planning for the selections for 2017 representative basketball teams.

Trials to be held at Cavanbah Centre aka The BeeHive:
Girls – Friday 9 December 4.30-6.00pm
Boys – Saturday 10 December 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Bret to advise for U18 Boys
The coaches will be selecting a training squad who will train on specified day.
Coaches will be selecting players based on their commitment to training, skills and attitude. The coaches are committed to give their time to the development of the junior players and require full commitment from the players and parents.
There will be boys and girls teams selected for Under 12’s, Under 14’s for the following;
 North Coast Shield (development of players) – Games held in Grafton / Lismore / Byron Bay / Ballina / Yamba.
There will be boys and girls teams selected for Under 14’s, Under 16’s and Under 18’s selected to play in the following;
 NJL (Northern Junior League) – Games held in Port Macquarie / Coffs Harbour / Tamworth / Lismore
Round 1 March
Round 2 April
Round 3 May
Round 4 July
Round 5 August / Finals
Squads will be training on the following days:
Under 12 Girls TBC
Under 12 Boys TBC

Under 14 Girls Coach: Phil Pyne Manager: Patsy Bennett
Training Day: TBC
Under 14 Boys Coach: Alvin Cayonan Manager: Kelley Cayonan
Training Day: Thursday 4-6pm

Under 16 Girls Coach: Matt Ogle Manager: Margaret Brandolini
Training Day: Friday 4.30-6pm
Under 16 Boys Coach: Nash Campbell Manager:Kylie Robertson Training Day: Thursday 4-6pm

Under 18 Girls Coach: Bret Maden Manager: Terri-Ann Souter Training Day: Friday 4.30-6pm
Under 18 Boys TBC TBC TBC

Costings are being worked out by the Association over the next few weeks and we will advise what they will be once we know

Potential costs will include:

 Team nomination
 Game fees
 Training court fees

 We are also in the final stages of securing local business
sponsorship to help offset these costs

Player contributions will be required to be paid in full prior to the start of the NJL season and North Coast Shield.
1st Instalment due 1st February 2017
2nd Instalment due 1st March 2017
For further info, pls contact:
Kylie Robertson, BBBA Representative Committee
0448 774 589


Junior Winter Comp 2016 Draws & Door Duty Roster

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Junior Winter Comp 2016 Draws / Door Duty Roster:

As a requirement of the Junior Committee this season, each team has been asked to provide a door duty person for games either before or after their game.

This involves sitting at the Door, collecting and receipting fees, and being available for general information or taking inquiries.

Info sheets are in the Refs Room and you will be guided by a Committee member.

Please make arrangements with someone in your team if you are unable to do the rostered game.

Thank you for your support.



BBBA Annual General Meeting June 17, 2016 6pm

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Byron Beez Basketball Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting

17th June 2016 at Byron Services Club 6.30 – 7.30
Light refreshments available after the meeting


2016 Nominations for Directors Form download (.docx 150kb)

Dear Members,

Thank you to everyone involved in making the BBBA a successful and enthusiastic association. We thank the players, the coaches, the referees, and the parents who bring their children and young people regularly to the events organised by BBBA. We thank you wholeheartedly for your enthusiasm and volunteer work for Byron Beez Basketball Association. As always we thank the members who have continued on or joined the committees. The committees are settling into the role descriptions and tasks and are developing pathways of communication with other committees, developing new directions or taken steps to address old issues.

Policies, procedures, revised codes of conduct; committee definition and budgets as well as an overall strategic plan have been completed and worked with by committee and Board members for over a year. This past year has been another big year of hard, productive and continuous work.

Now it is time for us to meet as members of the BBBA to conduct the Annual General Meeting. According to the current BBBA Constitution notice of the meeting needs to be given at least 21 days in advance.

The AGM will be held on the 17th June at Byron Services Club between 6.30 – 7.30

The agenda:

Election of Board Members
Adoption of financial report
Adoption of Board report

Nomination for Board
• Nominations for elected Director positions shall be called for at least 35 days prior to the AGM.

An interest or expertise in:

* strategic directions for development and marketing,
* administration
* grant applications
*working with Shire Councils or public
* Business Leadership
* Strategic Planning
* Income Generation
* Legal and Risk Management/ Mediation
*Website Development. Be a Board member while also being a Player, Referee or Coach from Representative, Junior and Senior Committees or simply an interested member or community member.

Please note: Nominees for elected Director positions must declare any position they hold in NSO or BNSW; Elected Directors cannot be bankrupt.

* A commitment to a Board meeting every month (sometimes every 2 months) is required as well as an intention to familiarize oneself with the BBBA Constitution, Vision, Mission and other supporting documents and codes of conduct. Nominees do not need to be members of BBBA.

Nominations must be:
* In writing
* On the prescribed form provided for that purpose, (see Nomination Form on website)
* Signed by two Individual Members,
* Certified by the nominee (who must become a Member within 60 days of being elected) expressing his/her willingness to accept the position for which he/she is nominated,

* Delivered to the Association at least 25 days before the date fixed for the AGM i.e. by the 20th May 2016

A list of the candidates names in alphabetical order with the proposers names shall be posted on the website at least 7 days immediately preceding the AGM.

Notices of Motion
Members entitled to vote may submit notices of motion for inclusion as special business at an AGM. All notices of motion must be submitted in writing to the Association no less than twenty five (25) days prior to the AGM (excluding receiving date and meeting date) i.e. by the 20th May 2016.

The prescribed nomination form is posted on the BBBA website. To be emailed to or handed to any member of the Board as listed at the end of this letter.

The current BBBA Constitution is posted on the website along with the Vision, Mission and other supporting documents. The Board’s code of conduct for finances and governance is also posted on the website.

All documents pertaining to the BBBA AGM including the agenda will be posted on the website at least 21 days before the meeting.

We look forward to your attendance at this meeting. The meeting will close at the appointed time and a light supper will be available.

If after consulting the website you still have questions of clarity regarding these matters, please email

Lyn McCormick

Yours sincerely,
Lyn McCormick
On behalf of the Board of Directors

Stephen Eakin
Dawn Ashdown
Tim Gotterson
Lyn McCormick
Alvin Caoyonan

Beginner Referee Course

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BEGINNER REFEREE COURSE Venue: Byron Bay Basketball Association

Cavanbah Centre , 249 Ewingsdale Rd Byron Bay Dates: 16/04/2016

Time: 9:30am-12:00pm
Cost: $30.00 Per Person (Includes Whistle and Rule

Presenter: Debbie Keirs


  • 12 Years and Over
  • Currently registered with BNSW


Junior Team Information re Nomination

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Please read the below message before you download the Junior Team Nom Form 2016

Dear all,

The new Junior Team nomination form is to be filled in with the view to:

  1. Noting that each team must ensure score table duty is done along with door duty to collect the fees. And that the team contact joins the Junior Committee and attends Committee meetings of which there are approximately 4 per year. Score bench duty, Door Duty and Committee Membership are compulsory to strengthen the Junior Competition.
  2. A nominated Court control person is encouraged, (there will be induction and support – you don’t have to play basketball, or know the rules just get a WWCC. Very easy on line and a visit to RTA. The Board will fund First Aid Course.
  3. Nominate for Junior Competition or Junior Development Committees, or the Referee Committee, Fundraising Committee – these need new blood. The Junior Development Committee is busier than every before, meeting the developmental needs of the Rep Teams in North Coast Shield, Country Championships and NJL.  Email me and I will forward you relevant contacts and information.
  4. Supporting your over 12 child to train as a referee or have a go yourself!

Early in the next competition there will be a number of courses offered by Debbie Keirs BNSW: Details will be available soon.

  1. Scorebench course
  2. Beginners’ Referee Course – also doubling as a Train the Trainer Course, enabling Level 1 referees to train or refresh to offer Level 0 courses here and at other associations.
  3. Conflict Workshop (useful for players, court controllers and referees)



First Aid will be paid for by the Association if you are a member of the Association and volunteering in a role – you organise your course and pay, hand in your receipt in to be reimbursed. Send your request to


The association is big and takes an enormous amount of energy and effort to keep rolling on. A ‘very few very busy with own lives, families and work people’ do a great deal, in fact too much. It is sustainable for them in the short term but not in the long term. Many of them are in their long term.

Some committee members have expressed their need to withdraw from some committees, we need to think about replacing them, so they can focus on other committees more relevant to their interests and skills. .


The Association is growing; it is a fantastic association offering so much in development, mentoring and leadership. This needs to be matched by volunteer strength to remain viable and strong.

As always many thanks, Lyn

Lyn McCormick

On behalf of the Board of BBBA


Junior Finals Saturday 12th March Schedule

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What: Semi Finals
When: Sat 12th March
Format: Top 4 teams in all divisions – 1v2 (winner straight to G/F) & 3v4 (loser out and winner to play loser of 1v2)


9.10am -PSG- (1v2)- Black Queens v Thunderbirds

10.00am- PSG- (3v4)- Little Devils v Panthers

10.50am- HSG – (1v2) – Unicorns v Black Queens

11.40am- HSG- (3v4) – Seagulls v Swifts


9.10am- PSB- (1v2)- Falcons v PacMan

10.00am- PSB- (3v4)- Byron Bay Cubs v The Phoenix

10.50am0 JHB- (1v2)- Red Falcons v Toon Squad

11.40am- JHB- (3v4)- Marions v Bombers

Prelim Finals Sat 19th March – Loser 1v2 plays winner 3v4 (loser out)

PSG & PSB 9.10am both courts

HSG & JHB 10.10am both courts

Grand Final Sat 2nd April – Winner 1v2 plays winner of Prelims.

PSG & PSB 9.10am both courts

HSG & JHB 10.20am both courts

12(Noon) Girls U14& U16 Rep Final Trials and Training

Better luck next season to those teams that missed the cut and good luck to all our finalists

Thanks, Dawn on behalf of the Junior Committee

And the new name is… Byron Beez

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To all members of the Byron Bay Basketball Association

Finally the big announcement: it is…


BEEZ provides many options for marketing. It is speaks of playing together as a team and fierce assertiveness when needed.


Over the last 2 months, the Board recruited some designers to produce possible logos using both Thunder and Beez.   Board members have been discussing both names and looking at all the designs submitted.


Last night brought it all to a consensus and a conclusion. The major factor in decision-making was made in reference to the first criterion asked for when submitting names and that was that the name was to be unique.


This name speaks to our membership as a whole and can be used with pride by all the Representative Teams.


It speaks of our primary core value – having fun and enjoyment, and it also speaks to the sting in the tail when challenged!


Bees have an innate sense of geometry, as do all the great basket ballers. The individuals function as one and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team.


It speaks of a hive, a community working together to create a unique and brilliant association of members. Of individuals and of teams working and playing together in harmony for the good of all.


Thank you to all of you for your part in this process whether large or small. It won’t be long until the logo has its finishing touches (and we will post it on Facebook) and then …


Let the branding and signage begin!


Lyn McCormick

On Behalf of the Board of Directors