Senior Term 4 Summer Comp 2019



is pleased to announce a trial Senior Term
4 Summer Competition 2019
. This is a short 9 week competition

Muster (ONLY ONE WEEK)        
Women, Tuesday 15/10/19 from 6-7:00pm
Thurs Men, Thursday 17/10/19 6-8:00pm

 Games: Women, Tuesday Evenings commencing
22/10/19 to Finals 17/12/19 Thurs Men, Thursday Evenings commencing 24/10/19 to Finals 19/12/19

along if interested in finding a Team or Nominating a Team.

Nominations: To nominate your
team come to the muster and the administrator – Tas, will be there for the
first 2 weeks with the laptop to assist you to do it online and you will also
be able to pay your fees. Nominations need to be in by the end of the Muster
week. GAME FEES paid by TUE 5th


trialling a new Tuesday night 3×3 Men’s Comp. The Rules are below:

15 minute games (20min court duration)

Duty refs ONLY, ONE per game (no striped)

Half court, score your own games.

One game time of 15 mins

5 players max per team

Capped at 8 teams (possibly 10 if interest)

9 weeks, one week of musters, 8 rounds, one final night

Each team plays 4 times per night

3×3 Game fees set at $450 per team paid
on team nomination

Prize money offered – $450

Musters 15/10

Games 22/10 – One Final week – 17/12

One week of musters for both 3×3, Women & Thur Men

Game Fees Women & Thur Men:  $90.00

Please note; These Game Fees  cover the costs of the Court Hire, Court
Controllers and a Referee Development Structure & needs to be paid when you register for these comps.

(Please let us know if
you need further financial considerations).

incentives will be offered to those who will commit to the Referee training
program provided by BBBA, please see a Snr Competition committee member.

Duty Teams: Teams will be
required to supply 2 players for the bench and 1 referee when a second badge
referee is unavailable, when listed as the duty team as per the Draw.

failing to provide Duty will forfeit 3 competition points (equivalent to a win)

Basketball is currently endeavouring to supply 2 Badge Referees for each match,
but players need to be patient and understanding with this developmental

Registrations: For all new players and those renewing their
Registration, fees are:

$100.00 if over 18yrs
by 31/12/19

$85.00 if over 12yrs
and under 18yrs by 31/12/19


Registration and Online game fee payments are to be paid via our administration
Program, Sports TG. THE LINKS TO
SPORTSTG is on our website

It is important to
understand that registration is a mandatory requirement of Basketball NSW that
covers insurance costs and unregistered players will not be permitted to play.

For any
further inquiries please e-mail, our administrator or
refer to our website

Always Play
in the spirit of the game