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 Re: Compulsory nomination of a duty referee for all senior teams

Please read the message below before you download the Senior Team Nom Form 2016

Important Update as of Friday 22 April 2016

This coming week there will be a muster on Tuesday 26th April for the A-men’s and Women’s comp, and Thursday 28th April for the B-men’s comp.

Game fee’s are set at $135 per person for the season. The reduction in cost this season is due to the introduction of duty referee’s. Team nominations will only be accepted with a duty referee from the team listed on the form.
Duty referee’s will be required to referee in their own division and only when their team is rostered for duty. Training and coaching will be provided.

The muster on Tuesday night will be at the stadium from 6pm-7.30pm and the nominations forms can be handed in to a committee member – Paula Daniels, Amy McClendon, Olivia Howard, Amy Best, Jenny Ogle, Duane Kitamura – or emailed to before COB Friday 29th April.
The muster will also include a showcase game of the Byron Women’s comp winners VS Ballina Women’s comp winners.

Games will commence from the 3rd May, once we have all the team nominations to complete the draw. Payments for game fees will be collected in the first three weeks of competition – from the 24th May it will be NO pay NO play.

All teams must have MATCHING singlets with numbers on the front AND the back. Penalties will be enforced if this is not the case (loss of competition points), there will be an allowance at the beginning of the season.

Duty for teams consists of TWO people doing the bench and one person refereeing. Loss of 3 points will be enforced if there is not three members present.

FORFEITS MUST BE IN BY 12PM on the day of competition. This must be text or called through to Duane Kitamura on 0466 332 006. A loss of 3 competition points will be given if the forfeit is after this time (as this costs the association).

Dear all, 

After a lot of discussion with players and referees over nearly two years and with further advice from Tom Moore BNSW, the Board of BBBA has decided that from the next competition, to secure a senior team’s nomination, a duty referee must be declared on the team’s nomination form.

 This nominated member must be willing to undertake referee training and to referee under the supervision of a supervising referee for at least one competition.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. To build stronger numbers in the referee program and referee roster
  2. To have ongoing week by week experience of refereeing a game under the supervision of a supervising referee
  3. With greater understanding of the referee’s task and to have more referees, who are also players, it is hoped that ever stronger positive relationships between players and referees will grow

While not mandatory it is hoped that many more senior players will consider court control, bench scoring, and participation in committees such as Senior Carnival, Referee Committee and Senior Committee.

The association is not for profit as and as such has limited funds. It is big and takes an enormous amount of voluntary energy and effort to keep rolling on.

A ‘very few very busy with own lives, families and work people’ do a great deal, in fact too much. It is sustainable for them in the short term but not in the long term. Several committee members have expressed their need to withdraw from some committees, so they can focus on the committees with BBBA that they enjoy the most.

Early in the next competition there will be a number of courses offered by Debbie Keirs BNSW: details available soon

  1. Scorebench course Level 0
  2. Beginner Referee Course also doubling as a Train the Trainer Course, enabling Level 1 referees to train or refresh to offer Beginner Referee courses here and at other associations.
  3. Conflict Workshop (useful for players, court controllers and referees)

While it is not mandatory, the Association will pay for First Aid if you are a member of the Association and volunteering in a role – you organise your course and pay, hand in your receipt in to be reimbursed. Send your request to

The Association is growing; this needs to be matched by volunteer strength to remain viable and strong.

As always many thanks, Lyn McCormick
On behalf of the Board of BBBA


Senior Team Nomination Form (.doc) – Click here

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