And the new name is… Byron Beez

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To all members of the Byron Bay Basketball Association

Finally the big announcement: it is…


BEEZ provides many options for marketing. It is speaks of playing together as a team and fierce assertiveness when needed.


Over the last 2 months, the Board recruited some designers to produce possible logos using both Thunder and Beez.   Board members have been discussing both names and looking at all the designs submitted.


Last night brought it all to a consensus and a conclusion. The major factor in decision-making was made in reference to the first criterion asked for when submitting names and that was that the name was to be unique.


This name speaks to our membership as a whole and can be used with pride by all the Representative Teams.


It speaks of our primary core value – having fun and enjoyment, and it also speaks to the sting in the tail when challenged!


Bees have an innate sense of geometry, as do all the great basket ballers. The individuals function as one and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team.


It speaks of a hive, a community working together to create a unique and brilliant association of members. Of individuals and of teams working and playing together in harmony for the good of all.


Thank you to all of you for your part in this process whether large or small. It won’t be long until the logo has its finishing touches (and we will post it on Facebook) and then …


Let the branding and signage begin!


Lyn McCormick

On Behalf of the Board of Directors


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