Court Controller Role Description

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Court Controller Role Description – Pdf version available here


The court controllers support the referees and other officials in ensuring that the game runs smoothly, and this encompasses a variety of different responsibilities, from calling the game to player and spectator management.

Basketball is regarded as among the most difficult sports to officiate due to:

  • The fast speed of play
  • The complexity of rules that must be followed,
  • The unique case-specific interpretations of rules,
  • And the instantaneous judgement required

Court Controllers also carry a duty of care to the players they officiate and organise; to ensure that the court and all equipment used is in a safe and usable condition. Should there be an issue that inhibits the safe playing of the game, then it is the job of the court controller to rectify the problem or stop the game.

Quite often, the job of a court controller surpasses that of the game at hand, as they must overcome unforeseen situations that may or may not have an influence on the game. They have a duty of care to all players and officials and they are responsible for risk assessments in regard to the state of the floor and equipment. Work Health Safety policies and procedures must be followed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Required to present a current WWCC to WHS and CP Committee or Registrar
  • Familiarity with Work Health Safety and Child Protection policies and procedures, where they are kept and how to use them.
  • Required to attend mandatory volunteer and staff training, and inductions into WHS and Child Protection and other relevant development
  • Required to present a current First Aid Certificate or equivalent

Tasks for Court Controllers:

  • Attend scheduled games 15 minutes before time and stay throughout the game unless prior arrangements have been made with the Referee Coordinator delegate
  • Consider and sign Risk Assessment paperwork @ BRSCC and liaise with the referees as to the condition of the equipment and court
  • Ensure score bench equipment is in place and on.
  • Issue registration cards to players on receipt from BNSW
  • Ensure score sheet folders are in place
  • Ensure match balls, first aid/spare whistles are out courtside, and that the blood bin is ready in the referees’ room.
  • Assist referees to get games going on time
  • Assist referees to pack up, put balls, first aid/spare whistles away
  • Assist referees to store score sheets in referees’ room.
  • Attend to first aid requirements, e.g. assess injuries, call ambulance, if necessary and ensure all paperwork is completed for the injury and communicate with Registrar including member’s registration details
  • Inform the Court Controller who is First Aid Monitor if first aid supplies are low
  • Assist referees with any Official Reports that may be required arising from player behaviour
  • Be aware of reporting structure and forms required for reporting spectators – these are held in the filing cabinet in the referees’ room.
  • Be aware of and enforce the Association’s Codes of Conduct
  • Uphold the registration requirements and disallow unregistered players from taking to the court.
  • Direct the player to Registrar or designated person to pay their registration/game fees

If absolutely necessary:

Ensure or organise and if necessary in an emergency situation do the bench themselves.

If also a referee to step in and referee if a referee doesn’t turn up – this is to be avoided


  • To perform this job successfully, an individual must have reasonable knowledge of the game of basketball with an emphasis on the rules specific to the BBBA.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work well with children of all ages as well as adults (senior Referees and players), parents and coaches,
  • Must also demonstrate the ability to control all aspects of a basketball game.
  • Must be in reasonably good physical condition and be able to work extended periods of time on his/her feet.

Accountable to the Referee Coordinator or delegated referee, adhering at all times to the Objects of the Constitution 2014 and the guiding principles of the Vision And Mission Statement Document and its accompanying statements. This also includes adherence to all policies, procedures e.g. Grievance, Work Health Safety and Child Protection, and codes of conduct.

Must Wear

Court Control shirts – which are labeled with Court Control

There will be 3 women’s sizes, M, L and XL and 3 men’s sizes, L, XL and XXL


A review would be undertaken each year based on the observations of the Referee Coordinator and a qualified referee chosen by the Referee Committee.

This position has a primary impact on all aspects of the growth and development of the BBBA. This position will have an impact on the success of the games and all participants who play. Therefore, the effectiveness of this position will measured by:

  • Members and spectators will experience a safe and positive environment.
  • All games and game areas will be safe.
  • Games will be conducted and officiated positively and assertively by Court Controllers
  • Referees will give positive evaluations of the Court Controllers most of the time.
  • Children will report positive feedback most of the time.
  • Coaches and other volunteers will give positive feedback most of the time.
  • Parents will give positive evaluations of the games and the Court most of the time.

Payment: Payment scales for officials as per association.