AGM Agenda for 17 June 2016

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Agenda for Annual General Meeting

Friday 17th June 6.30 – 7.30

Byron Services Club

Please note: that Dawn Ashdown, Tim Gotterson and Lyn McCormick will stand down as directors of the Board before the elections. The Constitution requires that 2 members stand down two years after being elected. They may nominate again. Dawn Ashdown is nominating again. Please note: that there have been two nominations submitted by the due date, 20th June 2016. These are Kathy Heathcote and Duane Kitamura.




Apologies: Alvin Caoyonan



  1. Acceptances of minutes of last AGM
  2. Consideration of accounts
  3. Report from the Board
  4. Election of Directors


Motions on Notice:

  1. That the statement of accounts of the Board is accepted
  2. As there are 4 vacancies on the Board: That Dawn Ashdown, Kathy Heathcote and Duane Kitamura are endorsed as members of the Board for the 2016-17


That concludes the business of this meeting.


Stay on for shared supper.

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